When it comes to designing exceptionally desirable and unique homes, we always look for the simplest and most elegant solutions to layouts, furnishings and features.

Our beautiful properties have been concepted to reflect the local area, are lovingly curated, and thoughtfully tailored to your lifestyle.

We think high quality materials and an exacting attention to detail are essential, but it’s not just about looking good. It’s important that the layout is carefully considered, and everything fits and works well in the space, so each and every element is there for a reason. We want your new home to have a big impact on you after all. Isn’t it time you owned a safe, peaceful and inspiring sanctuary that you love spending time in. A new apartment that brings joy to your everyday life?

From design to delivery and beyond

Far too many developments make hollow promises about looking after their older residents. In many cases the priority is to sell you a unit, and once the deal is wrapped up, you’re typically on your own. We build ongoing relationships with our home owners for the long term.

Ready to make a

life changing move?

Whether you’re just starting to think about downsizing, or you’re in the final stages of a sale, Lilyford’s team is here to make your move as seamless as possible. Speak to our team today and get simple, friendly advice.