Our Vision

The vision for Lilyford is to completely reframe the way older people live by creating elegant, accessible, easy to run homes that offer a fully realised community-driven lifestyle.

A vibrant way of living, energised by belonging, and enlivened by experiences. Residents can maintain their independence, live with purpose and shape their own future.

In essence we’re not just building homes, but fostering a fantastic, supportive and inclusive community of residents at a similar life stage that live in their properties, but also spend time together in inspirational shared spaces. We take care of all the administration so living with us is hassle free, and connections to the local area on our doorstep means getting out and about couldn’t be simpler.

We want our residents to own a home of impeccable quality that’s a great investment, built to last and easy to run. For us, those that purchase a Lilyford property won’t just maintain their independence, they’ll have a say in what happens in their building. We care about our residents, and that doesn’t just mean we check in on them to make sure they’re OK, we make sure they meet all their neighbours, and always know what’s happening, so they can join in as much or as little as they want to.

We don’t refer to Lilyford as ‘retirement living’ as that means old people in old people’s homes. Our stylish, modern and aspirational properties don’t look or feel like that at all. Our residents believe life truly is for living, whatever their age.

Ready to make a

life changing move?

Whether you’re just starting to think about downsizing, or you’re in the final stages of a sale, Lilyford’s team is here to make your move as seamless as possible. Speak to our team today and get simple, friendly advice.