We are seeking prime sites in desirable town locations to deliver unique developments for downsizers across the South of England.

What we are
looking for:

Town centre sites with good road prominence.

Sites within easy walking distance of the town centre, and under 0.5 miles.

Well located sites to the local and national transport network.

Sites between 0.25 - 1.5 acres.

We consider sites with no existing planning history, right through to consented schemes.

Our search area

The darker area of this map shows the areas within which we are currently seeking land.

Why Sell to Lilyford:

We are a well-funded and efficient business with a flat management structure, allowing us to make quick and informed decisions on potential sites.

We work with landowners on a case by case basis, and can be flexible and pragmatic based on each site’s requirements.

We offer generous commission for introductions.

As a growing business we move forward with applications as quickly as possible.

Examples of suitable sites:

Industrial or Garage Premises

House Assemblies

Office Buildings

Public House or Leisure Sites

Land enquiries

If you would like to discuss further, please contact us for a swift and confidential indication on any potential opportunities.

or Call on 01730 776 727

The Benefits of Retirement Living

Due to densities achieved we can generally offer higher land value

Low traffic generation

Low parking requirements

Releases family homes onto the market

Strengthens local economy as the majority of residents prefer to shop locally

Maximises the development of brownfield land

Experience and Innovation

Lilyford was founded in 2014 as the latest chapter for a team that have over 15 years experience building high quality homes. We refuse to settle for the ordinary, and pride ourselves on delivering exceptionally designed future proofed homes.

We have ambitious growth plans, and believe strongly in providing sustainable solutions for those wishing to downsize without compromise.

Our unique approach and attitude allows us to unlock previously under-utilised land, and focus on efficiently providing the best outcomes for potential sites.

We are a small team, passionate about what we do and in providing innovative solutions to long-standing problems within the property sector. Being small makes us more flexible, with a close team working together across the land buying, design and planning departments to generate quick outcomes.