Local Area

We don’t build Lilyford properties just anywhere - we always want to build homes in places we know well, and are close to local, dynamic and interesting town centres.

Being a real part of the local area and having a positive impact is important to us.

This means creating as little mess and disruption during construction, and being proud of the buildings we leave behind. We’re delighted that our investment in the area creates value through local sourcing and purchasing, as well as providing work for local people.

Local area

Become part of your local community

In addition to the communities we foster in our buildings, we also want to make sure that our residents feel part of the wider local community too. So during our onboarding process, we personally introduce our new home owners to great family-oriented local retailers (butchers, bakers, fishmongers, grocers, newsagents) and reliable tradesmen (shoe repairers, dry cleaners, tailors, opticians). We also provide space for local kids to come and play in our developments as another valuable way to connect with those around us.

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