Is Downsizing the Answer?

Is Downsizing the Answer?

As you think about the future you may start to envisage the type of retirement you want to have. Having raised your family in a large home that you’ve lived in for some time, you may feel its time you had less maintenance and responsibility to worry about. At this stage in your life, your house may well be too big for your requirements.

Often downsizers have homes in suburban areas or in the countryside. Whilst the location would have previously been a big draw, those properties come with a great deal of outside space and a larger home to grow into. In later life all those benefits can become a bit of a burden. All too regularly, maintaining and keeping on top of the house to do list becomes tiring and a bit too much.

Its easy to see why so many downsizers wrestle with the decision to move to a smaller home. After all, there are so many emotions at play here and a lifetime of memories to consider. Many downsizers ultimately wish they had made the decision and changed their lives earlier. Making the move, in reality, gave them a huge sense of freedom, in terms of their time and financial commitments. Freeing up time to do exactly as they wish rather than deal with chores and upkeep was liberating.

Location, location, location

Choosing the right location for such a big move is obviously very important, and leaving behind the sticks or suburbia, and opting for a centrally located town centre property could be the perfect solution. A new home at the heart of bustling community could be just the ticket, offering independence, but also everything you need on your doorstep.

The towns and cities of West Sussex are a natural choice for most. These pretty historic towns are all unique in their own ways, and have a real sense of community. Most have great amenities and are easy to get around without the need for a car. Choosing a town center location means you have the convenience of everything being local, a manageable home that suits your needs exactly and the benefits of living as part of a larger community.

Here at Lilyford our developments are created with precision and we never compromise on location – it’s always a critical factor for us and our residents. We look for land in central town locations, with proximity to strong transport links, excellent local amenities, and an easy, level walk to the main hub of town.

Discover Dundee House, Midhurst

Our latest flagship property in Midhurst is one we’re very proud of. Dundee House provides all the advantages of town centre living, and a secure, community-minded development, where you can live with like-minded individuals at the same life stage as you. Everything you could possibly need for everyday living is moment away, as are the nearby bustling towns of Chichester and Petersfield.

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