Lilyford aims to build closer, safer communities after the pandemic

Lilyford aims to build closer, safer communities after the pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented situation for us all, but it has particularly affected those in the older age groups, due to the increased risk to health and the mental and physical impacts of successive lockdowns.

The need to shield and to keep distance from loved ones and friends has made life much harder for those already struggling with loneliness and social isolation, as well as adding fears around going out for essential shopping and prescriptions.

Whilst this crisis has been easy for no one, it has really shown the importance of where we live and the impact of our surroundings on our mental and physical wellbeing. Outdated family homes may be exacerbating problems, from the expense of keeping heating systems running all day, to slow internet speeds, and the feeling of isolation should anything go wrong.

Lilyford communities can help with many of these challenges. The House Manager makes such a difference, as they make sure that they speak to residents every day. They can also deliver essential shopping and prescriptions to your front door if you are shielding, and can send and receive parcels, so you don’t need to worry about missing a delivery.

The Appello panels are there for your peace of mind. If there was ever an emergency, the Careline team will work out who best to contact, and stay on the line with you until help arrives. They are there 24/7 to speak to, and you never need to worry about disturbing someone with your call.

We are very careful about who comes in and out of our buildings at all times, and especially so during the current pandemic. Video Entry means that you know exactly who you are letting into the building, and no unnecessary people will be indoors, reducing the transmission risk.

The panels also give you the option to video or voice call other apartments and the House Manager, so you can stay social and look out for each other with no need to leave your home. Our buildings have real communities, and there is always a friendly face to have a chat with. When restrictions allow, there will be a huge range of events in the communal spaces, giving you the chance to get to know your neighbors.

Your apartment is entirely your own, so that you can remain safe and secure within your own space. Our residents are fully independent, and you do not need to be in shared spaces if you are at all worried. Many find it a reassurance to know that there are supportive people around them, and that you are never alone.

Your House Manager will also organize regular exercise classes, online or in person when restrictions lift and if you feel comfortable doing so. The physical and mental benefits of exercise are well known, and its much more enjoyable taking part as a group. If you have any technology problems, the House Manager is on hand to help get you up and running. We have free Wi-Fi in all apartments, so you can be connected straightaway.

The House Manager also organizes the cleaning contracts, so you can be sure that all of the communal spaces are being regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Once it is safe to do so and restrictions allow, we have many events and activities planned for 2021, from trips to Cowdray for the polo, to wine tasting, painting courses, beach trips and classic car shows. If these sound good to you, get in touch with us to join our events!

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