Living Closer to Your Friends and Family

Living Closer to Your Friends and Family

Many downsizers are interested in moving to be closer to their friends and family, whether it’s to be near a sibling, grown up children, or grandchildren. Most just no longer need a big property to live in and would prefer a home that’s easy to maintain, where they can enjoy a different lifestyle.

Top of the list of requirements for downsizers is a spacious, contemporary property in a town centre location. One that’s future proofed, with excellent amenities, and a community of similarly minded people at the same life stage to belong to.

They want to have something in common with their neighbours, and own a high quality home that they can live in effortlessly. They also want free time to participate in activities and leisure activities locally.

Ideally, the location they live in would need great transport links to make getting around easy – that way, they can maintain their independence and visit their families when it suits them. Likewise, they enjoy having friends and family stay with them too.

At Lilyford, our apartments are well designed and comfortable. Our members’ friends and family are always welcome to stay over, and we have guest suites available for them whilst they’re in town. These guest suites have ensuite bathrooms, tea and coffee making facilities, tv and access to the community lounge and coffee bar, a bit like a boutique hotel. The suites can be booked in advance via our on-site concierge.

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