Sustainable Wine Tasting – Join Us!

Sustainable Wine Tasting – Join Us!

Join us for an exploration of the best of red, white and sparkling sustainable wines!

We’re all much more aware of the sustainability of the food and drink we consume now, but choosing carefully doesn’t have to mean sacrificing any taste – in fact the opposite. Everyone is welcome to join us at Dundee House in Midhurst as we are taken through the world of ecologically produced wine, by local expert Robert.

Robert owns Fairview Wines, newly opened on Midhurst high street. He will be selecting interesting and delicious wines to lead the discussion, giving an hour long tasting and answering any questions. Lilyford will also be providing cheese and charcuterie boards to compliment the tasting.

The event is FREE to attend and all are welcome, we will also be hosting tours of the last few remaining apartments for anyone who would like a casual look around Dundee House.

It will take place at Dundee House on the 14th September from 4pm to 6pm.

If you would like to taste some excellent, environmentally-friendly wines led by local expert Robert, please just RSVP to or give us a call on 01730 770660.

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