The House Manager: How have you lived without one?

The House Manager: How have you lived without one?

Purchasing a Lilyford home is more than just an investment in bricks and mortar, it’s buying into a whole new way of life. We’ve thought carefully about a whole range of elements that make living with us easier, more manageable and more enjoyable, and one of those is the support we provide to all our resident home owners. For us, great care means a friendly face that’s on hand to help and assist when you need them, but to also proactively check in on residents to make sure they are happy and well. At Lilyford properties, that friendly face is the House Manager.

Stationed at the welcome desk near the main entrance, our House Manager is available every weekday from 10 until 2, and when they are not around the Appello panel provides easy access to the out-of-hours house manager and careline. Before long you’ll get to know your House Manager personally as they greet you when you’re departing or arriving, and check in to make sure all is well. Occasionally being asked how you’re feeling or if there’s anything you need can make a big difference to your day after all.

They’re far more than just a friendly face of course. House Managers ensure the building, gardens and communal areas are properly maintained and cleaned, keeping them tidy and well presented at all times. Ensuring all our systems such a heating and hot water are serviced and function without a hitch is also part of their duties, as is looking after post and deliveries, so no more cards through your letterbox if you’re out and miss a delivery. Perhaps best of all they take responsibility for stocking the coffee bar to your personal preferences.

Last but not least, our House Managers help organise every aspect of the Lilyford community experience, ensuring the Residents’ Committee are able to make collective decisions about the running of the building, as well as assisting with getting a few groups up and running to enjoy shared interests. Coordinating and hosting community events our residents enjoy, such as yoga, cooking classes, expert talks, dance lessons, wine tastings, vineyard tours and theatre trips is also part of their remit. Beyond our properties, House Managers will introduce you to local shopkeepers like the butcher, baker and greengrocer when you move in, helping you get to know those important nearby townspeople. And when you fancy a visit from friends or family, they’ll handle bookings for our guest suite, meticulously cleaning the rooms, and putting fresh linen on the beds.

The Dundee House show home is now open for viewings. Come and see our fresh take on town centre living and we’ll give you a personal tour of our brand new, beautifully styled apartment.

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