The Perfect Stress-Free Move?

The Perfect Stress-Free Move?

Moving house needn’t be daunting. Why not take some steps to alleviate any worries you have by planning ahead? That way you can take control of your move.

By using our seamless moving service, the Lilyford team are able to offer a full package, tailored to your requirements to help you relocate to your new home. We can assist with packing, moving your belongings, and unpacking at the other end, and have an approved local professional removal company we have partnered up with who can assist with the whole process.

It’s all about timing. The more time you give yourself the better, and if you can decide what you’ll be taking and not taking, you can take the relevant steps to de-clutter, pack, take things to your local charity shop and do a tip run. Take advice from a house clearance company or arrange a collection of old furniture by a local organisation. Try to keep planner of what you’re aiming to achieve in the weeks prior to your move so you stay on track.

Moving is a great excuse to de-clutter, and go through your belongings to decide what’s essential, what you plan to give away, or intend to sell. Don’t be scared to start early on in the buying process, as it will make the move much smoother and easier when the time comes.

Start with a few drawers and work up to the bigger tasks. Before you know it you’ll find the task of deciding what to keep and what will be going much more straightforward.  Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family for help too.

If you are packing yourself, get prepared and order packing materials upfront so you’re ready to start. Order in plenty of boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, brown tape, fragile tape, scissors,  marker pens and labels for marking up boxes clearly – it’ll make things much simpler when you arrive at your new home. Try to keep the boxes quite light, and don’t overfill them so the contents spill out.

Make you move painless at the other end, whether you’re moving yourself or using a removal company, by labeling up each piece of furniture and marking out on a plan where they go. It makes sense to number (or name) each room on a floor plan, so the movers know exactly which box goes where. Place this plan of the house in a prominent position when you walk in, or by the entrance, for everyone to see.

Give yourself plenty of time to create, and work your way through a list of people, and companies you need to inform with your new address so they can update your details. Don’t forget to let your neighbours, friends and family know.

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